Saturday, December 29, 2007

On John Edwards

One of my blog sisters is a supporter of Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards. Honestly I had not given much thought to Mr Edwards until I learned of Tami's (What Tami Said) support for him. Since then I've been listening more intently when he speaks and when there are news pieces about him. Although he does seem to have a tough time getting air-time, Senators Clinton and Obama seem to dominate in that respect.

I have come to a couple of conclusions about the former North Carolina Senator, Mr Edwards. First; I think he will actually stand up for the disenfranchised. Unlike other candidates I think when he speaks about doing something for the poor, he really means it. I think he fancies himself a modern day Bobby Kennedy.

Second; I think he has the temperament to deal effectively with both sides of the isle, as they say. He seems to have the skills not to make more enemies than he can handle. To me that's a really important element of being President. For instance I think Sen. Clinton will have more enemies than almost any other President in history on her first day in office, should she be elected.

So, will I vote for Mr Edwards. Well my first choice would have been Dennis Kucinich, but he's unelectable. Mainly because the media doesn't take him seriously. So as it stands now, John Edwards is number one on my list. There is still much time for that to change, I'm hoping Sen Obama will impress me but so far he hasn't.

The only major obstacle between me voting for Mr Edwards is this video. If I can just get this out of my head he may get my vote.

What do you think of John Edwards?


Anonymous said...

Thus far Edwards is my guy but I'm skeptical of grasp on foreign policy.

We need a president who isnt ready to go to war everytime things dont go our way but we need someone who understands the need for strong military and security.

Bhutto's death isn't good for Edwards or Huckabee, it reminds people of terrorism and then the "we need experience not idealism" talk comes out.

Anali said...

I had never seen this video before. Wow. Not good. I do like him though. I think he is very serious about eradicating poverty. Right now I'm still deciding between him and Obama. One thing that made me like Edwards even more was that his wife spoke at the BlogHer conference this summer in Chicago. That's Obama's city and he didn't attend nor send anyone to represent him.

And now I'll stop flooding you with my comments, but it's hard not to. You have such great posts! ; )

Tami said...

Now, MDC, you knew I was going to have to comment on this! (lol)

I hate that Edwards' hair is getting so much attention in the media. It is amusing to see a politician/activist fussing with his hair. It kills the gravitas.

But really, does the fact that Edwards is kind of a hottie (and maybe kinda knows it) have anything to do with his ability to lead this country? The media hubbub about this video and Edwards' super-expensive haircut demonstrates how superficial WE are. We care more that a leader has the right look (preferably older, white male, not too pretty, just rugged enough) and that he be sufficiently manly (no primping, instead try some fake brush clearing at the Texas ranch), than have the right policies.

Glenn Greenwald at Salon took Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal to task for bashing Edwards over hair:

I know that wasn't the point you were making, MDC. I'm just venting, cause I swear if I see that video one more time presented as emblematic of Edwards' fitness to be president...aargh!

Tami said...

Oh, and I would add, like Glenn Greenwald, I think there is an element of sexism/homophobia tied into the mocking of John Edwards. The logic goes: He appears to care about his looks, thus he is "girly" not manly and therefore not fit to lead. Note the soundtrack of "I Feel Pretty" with the repetition of "Who's that pretty girl in the mirror there?"

OK, I'll stop now. MDC, girl, why you gotta go getting me all fired up on this peaceful Saturday morning? (lol)

Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani said...

I would just like to comment about the book you are reading. That book is very anti-Islamic. It only helps to instill anti-Islamic and Islamophobic sentiments among Westeners. That in turn helps to assist the neo-con war against Islam and Muslim. If you must read such a book might I suggest you complement you reading with some pro-Islam books written by both Muslims and non-Muslims. Why not conversion stories? That will help to answer the question as to why Islam isthe fastest grwoing religion in the U.S. and the world. By the way women are the main converts to Islam

wisdomteachesme said...

hummmm (off subject of post) i picked up that book also, but after reading the cover- i left it. but not for the reasons the other poster stated. my reason was that i just could not take anymore sadness at that point-though i put the title down on my "books to buy" list. as it is an account of a life i want to know about.

now i think "i'll go to amazon and get my fix" and order it.

Mango Mama said...

MDC, I, too, am open to Edwards, but I'll admit that his overwhelming personal wealth, does make me question his true understanding of those living in poverty. He seems too far from this existence, which I'm sure so many other candidates are also, but this is a platform in which Edwards has selected to highlight.

I, too, read Infidel, and found it to be extremely negative, but I'm also not well versed in the history and philosophy of Islam, so I would be interested in learning about other texts which may provide other perspectives.

jose said...

Imagine: our favorite candidate is unelectable. I should write him in anyways unless Obama really steps it up. Unfortunately, he's not doing it for me just yet ...

Anonymous said...

His personal wealth was generated after he worked to put himself through college and became the first in his family to go to school beyond high school (if I am to believe everything I've heard).

There are some issues when it comes to Edwards and poverty. Though I don't begrudge anyone making money, he did represent some of the very predatory people that took advantage of the poor.

But, you can probably find some type of conflict with every candidate.

Lisa said...

MDC: Remember the test you suggest we take??? I took it and John Edwards won! Since the test I have been looking for him and he's not gotten much camera time - until the tragedy in Pakistan. I so want Obama to step it up, too, but it looks like . . .

Professor Tracey said...

I'm just not interested in Edwards. I had him for a senator in NC and he didn't interest me then. North Carolina's state budget for education was in the dumper and he didn't do or say much about it.

I really didn't like the remarks his wife made about black people voting for him and I really don't like the $400 haircut issue that occurred not once, but twice. I also did not like him bashing others over taking lobbyist monies when he accepts donations from lawyers who love the fact that he became grossly rich from taking monstrous fees from companies found neligent in child injury cases. They want their piece of the pie as well.

I feel about him as I do about Clinton, they are part of the machine. I too wish Obama would step up and say something truly interesting!

Professor Tracey said...

And as far as the book is concerned, I always get worried when someone tells me not to read something for myself! I will read whatever I like, when I like and decide for myself what I want to believe. That is the power of reading and knowledge!

How about suggesting another book to help balance the other point of view or how about addressing directly the issues Ms. Ali raises in her wonderfully brave book. I would love to learn more about Islam and its importance.

I highly value Islam. I believe that it is a beautiful religious ideal when praticed properly. Yet, as a free American woman of color, I cannot help but be pained by the murder of a Mulism woman - Ms Bhutto and the licensed gang rape of another Mulism woman - Mukhtar Mai. I made be wrong, but these acts strike me as non-Islamic.

Mes Deux Cents said...


I think you're right about the foreign policy. Although I think Clinton would be more likely to engage militarily to prove she’s tough.

Huckabee scares me after seeing his little Christmas sermon. The last thing we need is a religious zealot in the White House.


You and I are in the same boat, wanting to support Obama, but waiting for him to give us a reason.

I agree that Edwards really seems dedicated to eradicating or at least making a dent in the poverty realm.

And thanks for your kind words. And you are definitely not flooding, I love your comments!


Lol, you’re right I wasn't really poking fun at him or trying to make him look bad. Actually I think it's a cute moment. I just hope that it doesn't become his Dukakis tank moment or his John Dean microphone moment.

Thanks for the link

And sorry I didn't mean to get you fired up! Lol

Khalil Al-Puerto Rikani,

First; welcome to my blog. Second; I understand your concern, however I would not base my opinion about a religion with billions of adherents on one book. And I might add I understand perfectly that this book is just one persons point of view.

On my continuing journey of acquiring knowledge I will surely read other books from differing viewpoints on Islam.

Thanks for commenting.

Wisdom Teaches Me,

Lol, it’s an interesting read. I saw Ms Hirsi Ali speak on CSPAN, that is what made want to read the book.

And I hope you’re not hooked on Amazon like I am! Lol

Mango Mama,

I think, and I will research it, that Edwards grew up poor. If that's so then I think he would have honest and first hand knowledge. That would be a good thing.

It is negative, but I keep in mind it's just one persons story. I plan on reading some other books over time.


I hate the fact the corporate media has the power to narrow the field, but they do. So someone like Dennis Kucinich suffers.

Yeah I'm just not impressed either with Sen Obama. I really want him to step up.

Thanks, I was just saying that I thought he, Edwards, may have gown up poor. Which if that's the case makes his interest in helping the poor very understandable.

Well at least he wasn't born into a family like the Bush family; they seem to have no understanding of poverty.



Yes, I remember, my result was for Dennis Kucinich, but I've had to change course.

The situation in Pakistan, if it continues to escalate, could affect the primaries in a big way.



Mes Deux Cents said...

Professor Tracey,

I would really be interested to hear more about Edwards when he served in North Carolina. I hope you'll tell us more.

Clinton is of no interest to me, I do not want a continuation of the Bush-Clinton dynasty.

Who are you thinking of supporting?

wisdomteachesme said...

lololo=Yes, MDC, i am hooked on amazon...i love the convience of it-the tax and shipping (when i have to pay shipping) is equal to gas used to drive.

though i'm only about a 30 min. drive from large book stores-nothing beats sitting down and just ordering without the fuss and muss of people bumping me as i look at the titles on shelves and so on.

i've already ordered the book concerning the life of Ayaan Ali--and if a person tells me it's full of negativity--i must ask-so you've read it? and i shouldn't??
not cool.

just as people decide to live within a specific religion from the one they were raised to follow--or to vote for who they want to vote for in an election=-people can read what they want to.

i may not believe in-or- agree with the choices other people make for their lives--but stuff like books-voting-and religion--that is a personal area and i stay out of it---to me colored people have been too long listening to what they should do-what they can't do and what is best for them without questioning any of it. I was raised to think for myself and to question what is not clear or 'right' to me. I come from a long line of teachers-preachers-lawyers and doctors--all of whom went against what they were told to be and or to do with their lives--or what is not allowed for colored people.

i come from people who started building a road called justice and equality for others to follow them on-is what i come from,

I choose to follow my belief that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God.

I choose to follow that my money is green with the same dead presidents on them as yours--and i spend it how i see fit--i will vote for who my Spirit guides me to vote for--

i choose to love who my heart and my God says i can--and i do--as a single woman, i chose to have a child because i asked for one from God and He gave--as I know His favor is on my life.

i choose to--i choose to--I Choose To. Just as You can chose to do what you want to do. I was born here and i use all the perks that come with living here-that are avaliable to all that belong to this country.(except the hate)

Isn't that why so many people want to come to america? so they can have choices!?!

even though i do not see eye to eye with many people--i chose to still love them and not to hate them because of the differences that exist.

for we are told to Celebrate-Rejoice! in all the differences that exist, as that is how God made things.

edwards does have a questionable past concerning how he handled and represented rich clients in safety lawsuits--not cool--there was also an issue concerning where he and his family live and some neighbors and their energy/water bill--i can't remember the details.

and i'm none to happy with how he did NC while he was in the position here before running for pres.

talk-but no actions-no followup--like so many of the other candidates...

i'm still looking and listening (when i have too) to the people running...knowing me-i probably will have a person narrowed down closer to the time to vote.

as long as none of them tell me that i can't read a book they do not like-they have some chance with me :)

Mes Deux Cents said...

Wisdom Teaches Me,

"nothing beats sitting down and just ordering without the fuss and muss of people bumping me as i look at the titles on shelves and so on."

I agree and that's why Amazon is sooo addictive!

I have a ton of books and dvds I haven’t even started to read or watch.

I also agree that we need to find things out for ourselves. I fact check everything. Some people tell you something is fact when it's only a fact in their own mind.

As far as choices go, our Ancestors suffered the insufferable so that one day we could have choices. We honor them by always making our own choices.

Jackie said...

My litmus test for any candidate is their stance on gay rights, then I go on from there.
Sen. Edwards gets a C in my book. He is on a "journey" regarding gay marriage. He is "conflicted" due to his religous beliefs. That's understndable, but how long is this journey? Actually his stance and voting record puts him about even with Obama and Clinton on this issue.
I don't think you have to be poor to understand it and I think his hair video is cute. I could support him if he got the nomination if his "journey" doesn't take him somewhere weird.

I am for Obama. He was my state Senator and is my US Senator and lived in my hood so I've seen him a lot and know he has the right stuff. I also think that his heritage could give him unique influence in the muslim world.
Clinton? I agree with you MDC, I don't want more of the same. But she is brilliant and strong and if elected I think she may break out of the mold and show us what she can do once she as the power.

Liz said...

Well, given my affinity for rock bands that wear eyeliner, I think it's fine that the man worries about what his hair's gonna look like on camera.

The reality is we don't see the primping all these candidates go through. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Mitt Romney uses MAC or something.

I think an Obama/Edwards ticket would be interesting...but have you heard the rumors about Edwards getting some woman pregnant. It's been kept really hush-hush whearas any rumor about Obama is front and center on MSNBC.

Mes Deux Cents said...


One of the reasons I wanted to support Dennis Kucinich was his platform on human rights. He is the only candidate for same sex marriage.

Is Obama better on Same Sex marriage?

You are lucky to have had a chance to get to know Sen Obama prior to this campaign.


Lol@Romney using MAC; I really wouldn't doubt it.

I have only heard that there is a BIG rumor out there that involves sex. It's been floating around for 2 months now. So is that the big rumor? Wow, if it's true he's done.

Jackie said...

MDC, Obama better than Kucinich on same sex marriage? No way. Kucinich has the guts to come out and say it! Clinton and Obama, I believe, are both OK with it, but don't want to call it "marriage", for obvious reasons. After they are elected though who knows. I do know that Obama's home UCC church and minister and the national UCC has adopted a resolution to affirm and support gay marriage, using the word Marriage.
Edwards is for gay rights and equal benefits. But his "journey" troubles me.

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About Me

West Coast, United States
African American, Poet?, Vegetarian, Music lover, Agoraphobic, Social Phobic

My Favorite Poet

My Favorite Poet
Staceyann Chin

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My Favorite Track Athlete
Christine Arron